Are you a Data-Jedi or a magic pixi?

I guess I am going to have an “outing” now. I am a big Star Wars Fan ! Although I have been on the “Harry Potter Movie Marathon” this Christmas, I think I will get my family to watch all Star Wars movies next Christmas.

Anyways, today is about becoming a qualified Data-Jedi or remain a magic pixi. I came across an interesting blog entry about the fact that copywriters need to understand data. In the headline it states “get out of the business” and there might be a hint of thruth.

Basically, I am sure you all agree with me on this, in marketing (doesn’t matter which part of Marketing we are talking about), data is everyone’s domain. Who would ignore solid, productive feedback on one activities to learn and optimize the next campaign? If you don’t listen and ignore this feedback you are missing out on a powerful mechanism to improve on your performance. And I learned that “Feedback is breakfast for champions”. So be open-minded and dig deep into your data.

I still hear on a regular basis that digital is difficult and people don’t understand and it is hard to measure. An Google employee or any other employee working in the Digital field would fall out of their chair by now reading this. We really need to wake up! Digital is not going away! It is only becoming bigger. Here is a New Year’s resolution for you: Improve your understanding on digital and read every day a news article about what is new in this space or set up meetings with your agencies to improve your understanding on measurements. Because, digital is easy to measure if not even easier then traditional media. The only challenge is to understand which metrics matter and have the right capabilities in place to measure these metrics.

So here a litte riddle for you:

  • How can you improve your website conversion next month?
  • What is % of your visitors convert to sale or lead on your website?
  • Which of your online marketing tactics provided the most return and are game-keepers?
  • What was your most successful piece of content uploaded?

I appreciate it is not easy in paticular if we are not dealing with anything digital in our daily basis. But were you able to answer any of the questions above? If yes, congrats!! Well done, you qualified to become a Data-Jedi – go introduce yourself to Avinash Kaushik and hang out with him on G+ (The analytics Guru). If you struggled to answer the questions above, review your New Year’s resolution.

There are many different ways to implement ideas digitally. The challenge with the digital implementation is the need to identify what you could implement digitally and it is what you don’t do that defines your digital strategy. You cannot improve results or be strategic in your approach if you don’t understand the origin of your success and what is producing it. And I would assume you would like to get more budget to improve your digital strategy? Then get up to speed to avoid uncomfortable conversations with Finance and demonstrate the value your digital marketing strategy is driving to the overall business.



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